Top 5 stocks with a Share price over Rs3,000

Top 5 stocks with a Share price over Rs3,000


When we look at the stock listing on BSE and NSE, there is often a wide range of options for investors to choose from. Stocks from different industries, market caps, regions, sizes and prices are listed all across the board. While some stocks are trading for a few pennies, many are in the common price range, and are traded in high volumes. However, there are a few high-value stocks that are not traded in extremely high volumes and are limited to certain kinds of investors. While a new investor doesn’t usually consider these stocks, seasoned traders can use these to generate substantial returns.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 high-value stocks on the Indian exchange that are trading for over INR 3000.

1. Maruti Suzuki

Being one of the most renowned and seen names on the Indian roads, Maruti Suzuki is every household’s car. As one of the biggest established automobile brands in India, the brand has seen stable growth for decades and expanded its presence across geographies. With their affordable cars and innovative products, the automaker has a firm foundation. As for its stocks, they are quite premium and are often limited to high-value traders. Making it a non-volatile high-value asset in your portfolio.

2. ABB India

Next up on the list is ABB India with its automation solutions and modern industrial products. Being one of the leading companies in industrial automation solutions, ABB does stand out and shows promising results. And seeing how automation and optimization are becoming key in supply chains and industries, these numbers would only increase. So, ABB share price surely indicates the same and deserves a place on this list for being a high-valued stock.

3. Hero Motorcorp

India’s favourite and homegrown two-wheeler company, Hero Motorcorp has come a long way over these years. From manufacturing basic bikes for everyday commuters to more premium performance motorcycles, the company has been people’s first choice.   Understanding the needs of the Indian consumers and building a ride for them has always been their strong suit.

4. L&T Technologies

When we think of renowned technology companies in India, L&T is among the top few mentions. Started as a dairy equipment manufacturing company, today L&T has construction, technology, heavy machinery and many more divisions. Looking at the historical growth and expansion of the company, coupled with its strong financials, Larsen & Toubro share are fairly popular among investors. Not only do they earn good returns in the stock market, but also earn handsome dividends. Therefore, justifying its position on this list, and a stock that has a good chance of being in your portfolio.

While investing in these high-valued stocks is a lucrative investment opportunity to gain sizable returns, it comes with a big investment. Also, because of the bigger price tag, not all small investors invest in these shares. Even a small move in prices can strip away potential profits or earn them greater results. Despite being high-valued assets, these stocks are not immune to market sentiments and trends. So, understand your investment profile and assess the financials before investing in such stocks.