How USA to India Money Transfers is safe and secure on Money 2 India

How USA to India Money Transfers is safe and secure on Money 2 India


Money 2 India is an Inward remittance service of  ICICI Bank. The widely recommended inward remittance facility is one of the renowned brands in the USA to India digital money transfers.  This online money transfer service is a reliable, easily accessible, quick and safe for your money transfers.

The USA to India money transfer service integrates various solutions like instant transfers, pre-scheduled transactions, recurring transfers and the ability to handle single large transfers up to USD 300,000.

Money 2 India works in a simple manner. You can sign up for the service using the Money 2 India website / App without needing to be an ICICI Bank account holder and use their web platform or mobile app to initiate USA to India money transfer. Money 2 India delivers funds from any bank in USA to any bank in Indian within four hours*and keeps you posted on the status of the transfer with email notifications.

How safe is the Money 2 India platform?

Knowing about the trustworthiness of a service is an important step to get reassured when you are dealing with money.

ICICI Bank Money 2 India is completely safe. The platform uses a secure web and mobile app, which is protected by a two-factor authentication sign-in and a 128-bit encryption.

Electronic fund transfers are processed via the Automated Clearing House that offers secure financial data transmission. ICICI Bank supplements this safety with added security features like secure login, 128 bit encryption, security questions, identity confirmation, advanced firewall protection, two-factor authentication sign-in and restricted number of login attempts among other features.

Along with being safe, ICICI Bank Money 2 India is also reputed with:

  • Over 20 years of experience with money transfers
  • More than 1.5 million customers
  • Handled over 3 billion value of transactions to date
  • Takes less than four hours* to complete 90% of transactions

As to customer service, Money 2 India supports its customers with multiple options to connect to them like phone, email, chat and request a call back option. Using their toll free number, you can easily call their support. You can also reach them for assistance through their local offices in New York, California and Texas.

In conclusion

Money 2 India is an excellent and safe money transfer service offered by a reputed bank that has decades of experience in providing financial services

We definitely recommend ICICI Bank Money 2 India service if you want to make a USA to India money transfer. What more?The fees and exchange rates offered by Money 2 India are competitively priced and you get even better rates if you’re doing large transfers.