Top Budgeting Tips For Uni Students | University College

Top Budgeting Tips For Uni Students | University College


H1: Budgeting Tips For Uni Students

During your first year at university, you will be going at it alone, like so many aspects of your life. Something which many students find hard is to manage their finances, and learning about how to budget in order to make money go further. There are a number of very simple budgeting tips which can help uni students stretch their money. Whether you are in a residential college or staying in halls, here is how you can keep that budget tight.

Track Spending

The most important practice for keeping a budget is to track your spending each month. There are a number of excellent apps which you can use to do this, which will give you a clear picture of where your money is going. Review this every month to see where you can trim your expenses for the following month.

Using Student Discount

Your student discount card is there for a very simple reason, to help you save money on your spending. It is important that you fully explore all of the places where you can use this discount, and maximising the amount of money which you are able to save. You can find all of this information online, in order to really push that card to its limits.

Loyalty Cards and Promo Codes

Cafes, grocery stores and even bars offer you the chance to save money through loyalty cards and discount codes found online. This is a very easy way to save cash when you are spending in the same places, and they are worth using. This can be a great way of saving a little money each and every month.

Saving Change

Having coins in your pocket can often be annoying and most of us prefer to use bills rather than spending that change. The piggy bank idea for your change makes so much sense and it is a tried and tested approach to saving money. After just a couple of months of putting your change in a tin, you will find that you have saved up a lot of money indeed. Even for those who don’t always use cash, this is a great way to save a good chunk of money.

Buy Second Hand

When it comes to new clothing, study supplies and even stuff for your student accommodation, buying second hand can provide you with a great amount of value. This is a pretty fashionable way of purchasing items at the moment too, and you will also be contributing towards a greener planet in doing so. Second hand stores are found throughout Australian cities and they are packed with high quality pre-loved items, which will save you a great amount of money. This is the ideal option for students who are looking to buy all kinds of items.

These are just some very simple ways in which you can save money as a student and still enjoy a good life whilst you are studying. Any more tips which you can think of to save money, don’t hesitate to share them below in the comments section.