Online Trading Account with Lowest Brokerage

Online Trading Account with Lowest Brokerage


An online trading account or a Demat account is the most basic requirement for a trader or investor to start an investment in the share market. An online trading account is similar to a bank’s saving account. However, in a trading account, you need to buy and sell securities while trading. A Demat account holds the shares of the trader, and the buying and selling happen on the trading account.

Why hold an online trading app?

Earlier, brokers bought and sold shares on behalf of an investor. They had the power to trade securities based on their gut feeling and research. But online trading will let you trade securities according to your will and choose the companies you wish to trade in. An online trading account allows you to take your broker’s advice before any investment, but the final call will be yours. An investor can hold more than one online trading account to buy and share stocks.

An online trading app will allow you to trade shares from your mobile phone or your desktop. You get real-time market information about companies and stocks. With special facilities, you can also place market orders. Expert recommendations and advice will let you make a profit on your investments. Without having to travel to your broker’s office, the trading platform allows you real-time trading options.

How to Open a Demat Account?

  • On any Bank website, find the option to open a Demat Account.
  • Fill in all the required details, which include personal as well as Bank details.
  • Upload KYC documents address proof and identity proof.
  • Link your Aadhar to your mobile number and E-sign.
  • Submit the application.

How to open a trading account with the lowest brokerage?

Opening a Demat account is free, but once you start trading on the app, you pay the applicable brokerage charges. After placing an order to buy shares, the delivery charges range from 0.20% to 0.55%. Intraday trading ranges from 0.2% to 0.5%. Equity Trading cost Rs 20 to Rs 50, while Commodity Trading cost Rs 200 per lot.

Companies having the lowest brokerage rates are ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan and SBI Securities. Motilal Oswal has a dedicated team for research-based and advisory services. The lowest brokerage charge is what every trader wants. Initially, many brokers made a living out of brokerage, but with digitalisation and technology, the dynamics have changed. Along with looking for the lowest brokerage, also check the annual maintenance charges before opening a Demat Account.

Why open a Demat Account with Motilal Oswal?

With Motilal Oswal App, you can make better investments for life. With more than 1 million happy Demat account holders, we provide personal advisors, customised investment plans and a wide choice of asset classes to invest in. Moreover, you can make a Demat account with us for free. Motilal Oswal believes in solid research which is the foundation of Motilal Oswal Securities. The 10% of the revenue they earn is dedicated to equity research.