What Is Covered Under Car Breakdown Insurance? Exploring Car Breakdown and Motor Breakdown Insurance

What Is Covered Under Car Breakdown Insurance? Exploring Car Breakdown and Motor Breakdown Insurance



Car breakdowns can happen unexpectedly and leave us stranded on the side of the road, causing inconvenience and potential safety concerns. That’s where car breakdown insurance comes into play. Car breakdown insurance, also known as motor breakdown insurance, provides coverage and assistance in the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure. In this blog post, we will explore what is covered under car breakdown insurance and the benefits it offers to vehicle owners.

Coverage under Car Breakdown Insurance:

Roadside Assistance: One of the primary benefits of  motor breakdown cover is roadside assistance. If your vehicle breaks down while you’re on the road, a breakdown recovery team will be dispatched to your location to provide assistance. This may include services such as jump-starting a dead battery, fixing minor mechanical issues, changing a flat tire, or providing fuel if you run out.

Vehicle Recovery: If your car cannot be fixed on the spot, car breakdown cover typically covers the cost of recovering your vehicle and transporting it to a nearby garage or an approved repair facility. This is particularly useful if your breakdown occurs far from home or if the issue requires extensive repairs.

Onward Travel: Some car breakdown insurance policies offer onward travel coverage, which helps you continue your journey if your vehicle cannot be immediately repaired. This may include options such as a replacement rental car, public transportation tickets, or accommodation arrangements if necessary.

Home Start Assistance: Car breakdown insurance often covers home start assistance, which means if your vehicle fails to start at your home address, a technician will be sent to help you diagnose and fix the issue. This is particularly helpful if your car experiences starting problems or battery-related issues.

European or International Coverage: For those planning to travel abroad, certain car breakdown insurance policies may provide coverage for breakdowns that occur in European or international locations. This can offer peace of mind and assistance even when you’re far from home.

Benefits of Car Breakdown Insurance.

Peace of Mind: Car breakdown insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that you have assistance available in case of an unforeseen breakdown. It offers reassurance that you won’t be left stranded and can quickly get back on the road with minimal inconvenience.

Prompt Assistance: With car breakdown insurance, you have access to a dedicated helpline that operates 24/7. This means you can receive prompt assistance and support whenever you encounter a breakdown, regardless of the time or location.

Cost Savings: Without breakdown insurance, the cost of emergency roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, or repairs can be substantial. Car breakdown insurance helps mitigate these expenses by covering the costs outlined in your policy, potentially saving you significant amounts of money.

Convenience and Support: Car breakdown insurance provides a convenient and reliable support system in case of emergencies. Instead of having to search for and coordinate assistance yourself, you can rely on the insurance company’s network of approved service providers to handle the situation for you.

What do we Provide?

Get hassle-free help with automotive trouble. We’ll be available to you with breakdown support around-the-clock. We finally get to you with a waiting period of between 60 and 90 minutes.
If you cannot fix your automobile within 1 hour, we make the required preparations to move your vehicle and any passengers to the closest garage for repair.
Get your vehicle insured so you can handle the breakdowns without concern. We will transfer your automobile and any passengers to your desired location or residence of your choice within the UK if we are unable to fix your car that day.

What is Covered?

Road Support and Recovery

Alternate Routes

European Road Assistance

Vehicle Locked with Keys

Home Help

Vehicle Recovery From Or Within Europe

What is not Covered?

Any malfunction that existed before the purchase

Any Failure Caused By A Pre-Existing Fault


The Price Of Each Part

vehicles used for courier services or hire and reward

Tyre Defects Where The Vehicle Does Not Have A Serviceable Spare Tire

Benefits of our cover:

Roadside Rescue

Roadside Recovery

Alternative Transport

Onward Travel

European Cover

Is it a good idea to have auto breakdown insurance?

Paying for breakdown insurance may seem paradoxical, but it will save you money in the long run. Towing your vehicle to a shop or paying for a technician to attempt to repair it would be unnecessary if you had breakdown protection. However, seeking emergency help might be prohibitively costly if you don’t have it.

Is breakdown insurance the same as breakdown coverage?

Car insurance is a financial safety net in the event of an accident. D breakdown coverage is handy for towing and repairs when your automobile breaks down. It’s a service that is not covered in a typical auto insurance policy.


Car breakdown insurance offers essential coverage and peace of mind to vehicle owners. With services such as roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, onward travel options, and home start assistance, car breakdown insurance ensures that you receive timely support in the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure.

Investing in classic car breakdown cover provides numerous benefits, including cost savings, convenience, and prompt assistance whenever you need it most. Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on a road trip, or simply running errands, having car breakdown insurance can be a valuable safety net on the road.