Why You Need a Business Loan in Singapore to Grow Your Business

Why You Need a Business Loan in Singapore to Grow Your Business


Singapore is a global business hub, a place you can trust for business expansion. The lovely thing about it is the strategic location in the heart of Asia, implying that you can comfortably reach the neighboring markers, from Malaysia to Australia and China. For most investors in Singapore, one of the major challenges is accessing funds for growth, but we have a solution: business loans.

Like a personal loan, a business loan is advanced to a business in a lump sum and repaid in installments. However, the terms and conditions might differ depending on the selected lender. In this post, we will highlight the most important reasons why you should take business loans in Singapore.

Makes it Possible to Acquire New Equipment

Whether your business is new or has been running for some time, acquiring new equipment might be the additional force required for success. Let’s take the case of a manufacturing facility that is currently using old equipment. In such a case, there is a danger of incurring regular downtime, high cost of maintenance, and lower production rates. By acquiring a business loan in Singapore, you are able to buy and install new machinery for faster growth.

Remember that installing new machinery might only be the beginning of scaling new heights. For example, the new, faster, and more efficient equipment might make the manufacturing of new products enough to hit both the local and regional markets. See – the business loan you took becomes the stepping stone for growth into a multinational.

Allows for Marketing and Product Development without Straining Business Finances

When operating in a highly competitive market, such as Singapore, two critical things define success: product development and marketing. However, the two can be pretty expensive, but they are absolutely necessary. Today, the good news is that you can take a business loan in Singapore to finance marketing or product development without straining the organization’s financial health.

Because the funds are released as a lump sum after loan approval and repaid in installments, your enterprise will not get under intense pressure. So, go ahead and plan for the marketing activities and design new products for faster growth using the business loan in Singapore.

Builds a Good Rapport with Lenders

In business, you need always to have a place to source funds because situations that require urgent funding can arise at any time. If your buyers are late clearing invoices, you might not have ample funds to meet expenses such as paying staff or new supplies. You need a business loan in Singapore to be able to meet these costs.

Another reason why financial shortfalls may arise is when a contract goes through faster than expected. In such a case, you need ample funds to acquire raw materials or finished products that are required by the targeted clients. Taking loans from lenders means you develop good rapport so that accessing funds in the future will be a lot easier.

Apply for Business Loan through Lendela

Now that you know the benefits that come with using business loans in Singapore, it is important to appreciate that application can be pretty challenging because of the long list of lenders. If the funds are required urgently, conventional banks might be a bad choice because they take very long to process credit. Instead, you should work with Lendela, a lender comparison site, to hasten the process and increase the chances of loan approval. Here is how it works:

  • Visit Lendela on their website to make your application
  • The application is sent to multiple lenders
  • Pre-approved applications are returned for you to see and sign
  • You select the preferred offer and Lendela books an appointment for you
  • Sign the loan agreement and money is released to your business account

Your business in Singapore can grow faster and become more successful if you can get and use a business loan prudently. Do not let others race ahead of you for lack of funds; business loans are only a click away when you apply through Lendela. Remember that just like other loans, such as mortgages or personal loans you need to repay the business loan in line with the signed agreement.