How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Turkey

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Turkey


Every crypto user in Turkey has access to their preferred method of payment whenever they want to buy cryptocurrency. Most individuals are aware of the basics of how to buy cryptocurrencies in Turkey, while some are unaware of all the possible payment methods. In this article, we will look at some of the payment alternatives for how to buy cryptocurrency in Turkey.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Turkey: Payment in Cash

Another payment option available in Turkey in exchange for cryptocurrency is cash. There is a provision for this method if you are wondering how to buy cryptocurrency in Turkey using cash. There are physical offices in Turkey where people can purchase and sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies with cash in person. NakitCoins is a popular option for how to buy cryptocurrency in Turkey. The procedure for using this cash payment option entails some simple steps.

⦁ Find the local crypto office in your area by doing some research.

⦁ Visit a crypto company branch location.

⦁ Browse the list of crypto coins that are currently accessible.

⦁ Check the purchasing and selling prices.

⦁ Examine their terms of service to determine whether you are pleased with their pricing and terms.

⦁ If you are, provide them with any required information in response to their request and pay in cash. The experts at the office are also ready to answer any questions.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Turkey: Bank Transfers

When cryptocurrency users are considering how to buy cryptocurrency in Turkey, a bank transfer is one of the most popular methods of payment. They carry out this through transfer methods like SEPA and SWIFT. The accessibility of an exchange account, however, affects this payment method., Binance, and other exchange accounts are available to Turkish users. Once you have opened an exchange account, proceed as follows.

⦁ Deposit money into your exchange account from your bank account.

⦁ Select the crypto type and then click it.

⦁ Select the amount to be purchased.

⦁ Lastly, pay with the funds in your exchange account.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Turkey: Card Payment

It is possible to purchase cryptocurrency in Turkey with a credit card, and this is one of the available methods of payment. However, these payment choices are subject to limitations. These are discussed in the section below, which explains how to buy cryptocurrency in Turkey using a credit card.

⦁ Check with your credit card company to see whether they permit purchases of cryptocurrencies with credit cards.

⦁ If the fees are acceptable to you, browse a Turkish exchange that accepts credit cards for cryptocurrency purchases.

⦁ If you do not already have one, open an account with the exchange. However, before doing so, be sure you have read and agree to their terms of service.

⦁ Enter the details of your credit card and link it to your exchange account.

⦁ Search the exchange account for the cryptocurrency you want to buy.

⦁ Decide on the quantity and verify your purchase.


There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the aforementioned payment methods. Credit cards allow you to make purchases even when you do not have cash on hand, but they also put you at danger of theft if you link them to a fake exchange account. Many people appreciate the expert help available at an in-person cryptocurrency exchange office.