How to Make a Postcard Marketing Campaign Stand Out

How to Make a Postcard Marketing Campaign Stand Out


The good folk at Full Tilt Direct, experts when it comes to direct mail postcards and other direct mail campaigns, say that many companies are failing to really take advantage of what direct mail can do for their business. Many do not see the full potential of direct mail and are focusing all their efforts on digital marketing. And while a good digital marketing campaign can yield positive results, the benefits of direct mail postcards should not be underestimated.

If you are considering such a campaign, there are ways in which you can make it more effective. Taking the time and effort to create something that will stand out will have a massive impact on profits. But how can you make a postcard stand out? Below are a few ideas:

Oversize Your Postcard

A postcard does not have to be a standard size. If you send out a larger postcard, it will instantly stand out amonga pile of mail. Plus, if you have a larger postcard, you will have more room for your message. Something to bear in mind though is that a larger postcard will likely cost more to send.

Add a Scratch Feature

Adding a scratch card feature to your postcard will add some intrigue and will ensure that potential and existing customers will play along. If you have a scratch feature that encourages the reader to ‘find out your personal discount code’, the chance of them playing along will be high. The more they engage with the postcard, the more likely they are to read the message you want them to see.

Use Premium Card

Although you will pay more for a higher quality card, it will instantly give the reader the impression of worth. If you choose a textured card, it adds an element of tactility, which will also capture the reader’s attention. Furthermore, the thicker the card, the better it will fare in the mail.

Use Photos

Clear, sharp images will captivate the intended audience, especially when the images directly relate to the message you are sharing. Instead of just using bright colors (which can also be effective), you can use high quality photographs of one or two of your products or a new product that your company is launching.

Make it Magnetic

Adding a magnet to the back of your postcard can be an effective way of ensuring it sticks around for longer. A magnetic postcard will ensure your message stays in the recipient’s mind, especially if they stick it on their fridge. Consider how many times the fridge is opened every day. That means your company logo is going to be seen lots of times each day.

Personalize It

When sending out a postcard, make it relevant to the recipient. Use your inhouse data to provide offers that your customers are going to act on. You should be able to use customer buying data to tailor postcards to individual customers to entice them to buy more.

Making Postcards Work for Your Business

When sending out direct mail postcards, it is important to ensure that they are working for you. Making them stand out should help to get your message across, but you need to include a way to track their performance. This might mean adding a QR code, a unique landing page, or discount that is included only on the postcard. Whenever any of these are used on your postcards, you will know that any user action is the result of the postcard campaign. It will allow you to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.